Win My Award!

Hello everyone! Please do not take this award off my page. I will give you the award. Here are some requirements for winning this award:
1. Must have more then just a list of links.
2. Does not take more then two or three minutes to load max. Here are some things that will help you get this award but is not required:
1. To have music your page.
2. If you have signed at least one of my guestbooks.
3. Pictures on your site. (That's always nice!)
4. No put downs about AOL!

Thank you for reading them. If your page meets these requirments then please e-mail me with your name, address of your page, name of your page, which one you want, and also why you think you deserve it (no I don't take "I just do"). I'll send you the place where you can get the HTML!
Good luck!